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The Top 20 Stairlift Questions

Top 20 questions asked about stairlifts
How much? What Type? Will it work?

Q1 What type of stairlift (Stair lift) do i require? "Straight or curved"
This really depends on your staircase and specific needs disabilities etc. If your staircase is straight with no curves or half-landings then obviously a straight stairlift would seem to be the correct option

If your staircase is curved or has half-landings then you more than likely will require a curved stairlift, Sometimes two straight stairlifts can be fitted instead of installing an expensive curved stairlift. The best way to find out what type of stairlift you require is to request a Free Home Site Survey from a reputable company

Q2 Will a stairlift (Stair lift) Fit my staircase?
Stairlifts can be installed on 99% of all staircases. The only real problem will be the width of your staircase! If to narrow then a stairlift would not be able to be installed. A quick test would be for you to place a standard kitchen chair at the bottom of the stairs

Sit on the chair and place your legs inwards, if there is clearance for your knees to pass the main staircase Newels & Spindles good chance a stairlift can be installed. Obviously a Free Home site survey would be required to pin point any other problems and solutions

Q3 Will the stairlift (Stair lift) block my stairs for non stairlift user access?
No all modern stairlifts are now very slim line design! Seat chair, Arms, and footplate all fold up neatly against the slim carriage unit, allowing access to the stairs for all household visitors and occupants

Q4 Are Stairlifts (Stair lifts) noisy in operation?
Not at all! Modern stairlifts are whisper quiet with very smooth glide ride. DC Battery
stairlifts are the most quietest on the UK market with a much smoother Start / Stop action

Q5 How do Stairlifts (Stair lifts) Work?
All modern stairlifts are powered by DC Batteries which supply the voltage/current to the DC Motor. This in turn is coupled to a motor gearbox (pinion) the pinion gear sits meshes into the rack which is bolted to the stairlift track. Hence the name Rack & Pinion Drive.

Q6 How much do Stairlifts (Stair lifts) Cost?
Straight stairlifts prices vary from each stairlift manufacturer supplier. Obviously no set price figure can be given until a full free home site survey has been conducted. Your stairlift may require additional aids! Power hinge rails & Platforms etc. For straight stairlifts a good figure to keep in mind would be around £1200-2500 For curved stairlifts £3000-45000

Q7 Can I rent a Stairlift (Stair lift)?
Yes most stairlift suppliers offer rental stairlift plans. Mainly for straight stairlifts with a fixed rental term? Usually a minimum of 6 months, the average price per week £10-15.00 and a small installation deposit will also be required.

Q8 Does my Stairlift (Stair lift) come with a Guarantee / Warranty?
Yes all stairlifts (Stair lifts) come with a full 12 month guarantee & warranty. Depending on the stairlift manufacturer some companies offer a life time guarantee on their motor and gearboxes etc. Ensure you ask the Operators / Surveyors about their stairlift warranty

Q9 Will my Stairlift (Stair lift) still work in a power-cut?
Only modern D.C. Battery stairlifts (Stair lifts) will continue to operate in the event of
a power-cut. Modern battery stairlifts can do around 24 full trips up & down before they
need recharging, allowing ample time for the power supply company to reinstate the power supply back onto your area

Q10 What's the difference between Electric Stairlifts & D.C. Stairlifts?
A.C. Electric stairlifts run off your 240V Mains power supply and require some type of high voltage trailing cable to feed the Power / Voltage to the stairlift motor. Many elaborate designs have been implemented by stairlift manufacturers in how this is accomplished.

D.C. Battery stairlifts run off sealed lead acid batteries which are normally housed inside the stairlift carriage. They require the stairlift to be parked on the charging copper contact strips located at the Top / Bottom of the stairlift track.

Q11 How long will i have to wait for my Stairlift (Stair lift)?
Straight stairlift installations can be carried out in less than 3 days. Depending on your needs requirements the stairlift supplier may be able to priorities your stairlift installation and arrange for the stairlift to be fitted the following day or within 48 hours

Curved stairlifts (Stair lifts) take longer since they are bespoke design! Parts of the curved track have to be made in-house to the specified design of your staircase. Installation is around 7-14 days

Q12 How long does it take to install a Stairlift (Stair lift)?
Straight DC Battery stairlifts (Stair lifts) can be installed within 1-2 hour including a full test and user demonstration. Curved stairlifts can be installed in around 3-4 hours by a good stairlift team. Depending how complicated the design of your staircase? It may take a full day

Q13 Will my New / Reconditioned Stairlift (Stair lift) be safe?
Yes if you buy purchase through a reputable supplier and the unit is installed by qualified stairlift engineers then your stairlift will be 100% Safe

Q14 Can more than one person use the Stairlift (Chairlift)?
Yes all modern stairlifts now have wireless infra red remote Call Send Units. If the household contains more than one stairlift user? When the first stairlift user has got to the top or bottom of the stairs the other user can call the stairlift back down or up whichever the case may be to allow him / her access to the stairlift

Q15 How often should a Stairlift (Stair lift) be serviced inspected?
Stairlifts (Stair lifts) should have at least 1 annual (12 Months) inspection service. The service inspection should only be carried out by qualified competent persons. A full Service report certificate should be left on site and signed by the engineer

Q16 How can I tell if the stairlift company is reputable?
You Can't?
The only way of finding a reputable stairlift supplier installer would be through a recommendation from a family member or friend? The only other option is to use an independent agent comparison website

Q17 My condition doesn't allow me to Sit or Bend?
95% of UK stairlift (Stair lift) manufacturers produce, make stairlifts for people who have difficulty sitting down or bending their knees! Perch (Standing) stairlifts are designed so you can ride on the unit standing up

Q18 Will my disabilities prevent me from having or being able to use a stairlift?
It really depends on your disability? Owning a stairlift might not be the correct solution or may work as a temporary stop gap until something more suitable can be found. All reputable stairlift suppliers will work alongside Healthcare & Adaptation workers to find the best solution for your disabilities and stairlift requirements

Q19 What Maximum weight can a stairlift (Stair lift) carry?
The average SWL (Safe Working Load) for most stairlifts is 18 Stone/120Kg If weight factor is an issue? There are stairlift manufacturers that produce heavy duty high torque drive stairlifts that can carry 25 Stone±

Q20 Will the Stairlift (Stair lift) company buy back my stairlift?
Not all stairlift companies will offer to buy back your stairlift! If they do? It will be a fraction of the price you paid for it. Stairlifts depreciate in value the instant you buy them (Fact) Obviously the older the stairlift the less value it will be worth when you come to sell it

Some stairlift companies offer schemes where they will try and help you sell your no longer required stairlift privately.Main point! Always ask the stairlift supplier if they will buy back and what would be the approx buy back value over a given period of years

Chances are you will get a better price if you sell your used stairlift privately using free online classidfied ads or auction web sites etc.

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