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August 2019
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Standing Stairlift Or Sit Down Stairlifts

Standing stairlifts or as they are known in the trade! Perch stairlifts allow the user to stand on the stairlift footplate while transported up and down the stairs. If you have a medical condition that does not allow you to sit or bend your knee/s then a standing stairlift could be the solution to your mobility problems.

Perch stairlifts are also ideal if you have a very narrow staircase! Unlike conventional sit down stairlifts there is no overhang from the seat hence standing in the upright position may enable a stairlift to be installed even on very narrow staircases.

One very important factor is that the user must be able to stand and have a good sense of balance. Standing stairlifts do come with height guards to protect the user from falling and the height guard also acts as a grasp bar making the user feel more safer as they travel on the stairlift.

The operating direction buttons (Joystick) is normally mounted onto the grab rail height guard via a simple Velcro attachment and can easily be removed so the user can hold the control unit in one hand and firmly grip the grab rail with the other hand.

The operation controls are fail safe design! A constant pressure is required on the direction button (Joystick) if the pressure is released for what ever reason the stairlift will stop moving in the desired direction etc.

Standing Perch Stairlifts for narrow stairs

Standing stairlifts are constructed to a higher specification than the standard sit down models! The footplate is designed to withstand the full standing weight / load of the user. Using a standard sit down unit as a stand up model is dangerous and will put excessive strain on the footplate fixings and could even cause the welds to fracture.

Under no circumstances should you use a sit down model for the same use as a standing stairlift. As well as putting yourself in danger you will also be putting extra force on the side rollers causing them to wear degrade rapidly.

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