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You Need a Stairlift We can Help!

It's not every day you need to buy a Stairlift! Confused by all the manufacturers and models available?

Each manufacturer trying to convince you they have the best product, Service, Price etc.

Who Do You Believe?

No Fluff No Fill No BS. Forget all the hype and Internet marketing websites offering huge discounts and price comparisons / reviews etc. C'mon who is actually paying for all these great gifts and discounts? (You Got It! You Are )

You need a Stairlift! We have the fast simple solution to solving your problem. We put you in contact with local reputable stairlift companies with proven track records for quality products and excellent aftercare service.

Get the Facts!

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Even if you don't use our free service
this report is essential for any unsuspecting buyer

Our approved trade suppliers offer New or Reconditioned straight and curved stairlifts from the leading UK manufacturers. Don't buy a Stairlift until you get a price from one of our approved local dealers. All Stairlifts come with a full 12 month guarantee warranty. Installed by professionals with decades of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction.
Corporate or Small Family Businesses
We got it covered

Stairlift Trader helps you find local suppliers by increasing the visibility of smaller companies.

Stairlifts at trade prices straight stairlift fitted £850

Big enough to cope small enough to care Smaller companies can under-cut the bigger players by hundreds of pounds due to less overheads and Staffing levels etc. Significant savings! You could save yourself £400-600 easy..

No Comparison
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